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Gina Solorzano / Mamaya

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I am an artist and creator, just like you. My life is my offering, my masterpiece and a work in progress…


I have always been fascinated in trying new tools, new materials, concepts and ultimately finding growth through experience and experimentation, and that is more true than ever. 


My work is multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multifunctional, multi-multi-multi, I focus on joy, pleasure, play and how to alter the human experience. So I have blended my passions, made a smoothie of myself to serve to you, and the world. Though my palet can sometimes be seemingly disconnected, oui, WE are in fact the connectors and it is through these connections we find a greater force. 

So, after lots of soul searching a lot of different jobs, I used to be hindered by an old belief that no longer served me and that was this idea that I had to choose just one thing to BE in my life and because it never seemed to fit me, I let myself get stuck…one specific question was haunting me. 


What am I the best at doing? I know how to do lots of things, but do I want to do them for a living? 


Ultimately, after making list after list and narrowing it down, and starting it again, my top response was being ME…I freggin master that (most days anyways)…I have now realised that in fact what I thought was my problem is in fact my solution. I DON’T have to choose, I have to BE and its in being that I can share this gift, my talent and that is how I can be of service to the world and myself. Eureka! Lardette, my whole hearted ME.


But can that be a job? The old me didn’t think so either…but I do now! Why, because, why the heck not, Sab kuch milega: Everything is Possible! One of key lessons of being in India…and coincidentally my name in hindi means LIFE! Thus l’art d’être (in French the art of being, and with my cute American accent Lardette) was born!


Lardette is an empirically based training for helping inspire growth through play and different forms of expression including but not limited to painting, jewellery making, cooking, dancing, singing etc . My website is dedicated to creating and sharing fun ideas, tasty recipes, interesting insights, inspiring tools, displaying my art, sharing some of my inventions and products and I also offer services that focus on expansion, humour, recreation, empowerment, courage, vulnerability, empathy, joy and human connection. 


I don’t have all the answers, I’m still figuring things out and I love that. I make mistakes, have crumby days just like the rest of you awesome people. But my commitment is this: I will show up, bring you the very best me at the present moment, share what I’m living and learning, and keep it real and honest…I will give my gift to the best of my abilities and have fun doing it!





My goal is to be the best version of my awesome self and hopefully in turn make the world a more playful place.  I do not teach. I am not a guru. I just want to play and co-create experiences that become the new story of our life.


No matter the dreams or obstacles, we all have the power to transform our lives and, by doing so, TOGETHER we will change the world.



Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m  delighted we’re connected and I’m excited to get to play together, lets create a magical journey.


With all my love,



In the eternal words of Gandhi: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” We give back because it teaches us to find compassion within ourselves and to stay attached to values that are linked to the common good.


Alongside my best friend and life partner, as a passion project and as a way to give to our commUNITY I also run a not for profit organisation korAkor. Our mission is to promote consciousness by way of connection to living and nature. We host events, workshops as well as create online content to raise awareness. This is voluntary work we have been doing for 12 years and I am still constantly learning and growing.

This is a personal philosophy attached to creating conscious commerce and is a responsibility of mine to contribute back to heart causes.  And even beyond that, is a great privilege to serve the amazing people who make my life more beautiful each day.